The Active Rehab Power Pack

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The Active Rehab Power Pack


The Active Rehab Power Pack brings together 4 of our most popular online workshops from the Active Rehab Solutions Series. 

Combining the foundation knowledge from Postural Analysis & Functional Assessment and Core & Pelvis, with the next-level learnings from Neck & Shoulder and the Hip, this bundle will give you a thorough overview of the assessment techniques and practical application of progressive exercise techniques you need to successfully work your client through injury prevention and rehabilitation. 


Postural Analysis & Functional Assessment

In order to provide your client with the correct program it is essential you are able to assess their posture and movement in order to identify any weakness, loss of mobility or dysfunctions.

This practical workshop will provide you with the skills to perform static and functional assessments on your client through a series of tests including gait analysis, balance tests, scapulohumeral rhythm, core activation and endurance, and gluteal firing tests to name a few. These, combined with range of motion tests for all major areas of the body, will give you the vital information you need to identify common postural dysfunctions in your client.  

An extensive collection of exercise progressions will help you to progress your client through the stages of functional exercise prescription with the correct strengthening exercise to overcome any dysfunctions you have identified. 

Accredited with Fitness Australia 4 CECs, ESSA 8 CPDs, ATMS 8 CPEs,
Physical Activity Australia 3 PDPs, REPS NZ 5 CPDs.


Core & Pelvis

The core and pelvis provide a strong foundation on which correct functional movement of the rest of the body is based. A strong core is essential to keep our posture in an ideal position and govern how we move. The importance of the core and pelvis functioning properly should not be underestimated. 

This practical workshop will provide you with the skills to assess the core and pelvis, identify common dysfunctions, and provide your client with the most appropriate progressive strengthening program to address any injury or dysfunction they may have. 

Learn how pelvic stability plays a key role in rehabilitation and prevention of all lower limb injuries, as well as the latest concepts for retraining core stability through specific activation and strengthening of the pelvic floor, diaphragm and transversus abdmoninus. 

Accredited with Fitness Australia 4 CECs, ESSA 5 CPDs, ATMS 5 CPEs,
Physical Activity Australia 3 PDPs, REPS NZ 3 CPDs.


Neck & Shoulder Active Rehab

The unique anatomy of the shoulder enables a wide range of motion in the joint, with this comes an increased risk of dysfunction and injury. This workshop will help you to understand the interaction between the thoracic spine, shoulder girdle and cervical spine and the importance of ensuring all areas are functioning correctly. From the common neck and shoulder dysfunctions you are likely to see, to the best progressive exercise techniques to address them, you will learn such things as which shoulder position puts the most load on the rotator cuff, the importance of core training for shoulder rehabilitation, how to down-train the accessory breathing muscles of the neck and shoulder, and how to increase shoulder range of motion to improve training. This is essential knowledge for any fitness professional looking to protect their client from injury.

Accredited with Fitness Australia 4 CECs, ESSA 5 CPDs, ATMS 5 CPEs,
Physical Activity Australia 2 PDPs, REPS NZ 3 CPDs.


The Hip Active Rehab

While the shoulder sacrifices stability for mobility the opposite can be said for the hip. With it's weight bearing role stability is the key and essential for proper hip function. Discover the relationship of how the concepts of posture, pelvic stability and the core muscles are directly related to the optimal function of the hip. This workshop will discuss the functional biomechanics of the hip joint, common hip dysfunctions and how to recognise and analyse them, and most importantly the best progressive strengthenging techniques to address the main muscle groups around the hip. 


Accredited with Fitness Australia 7 CECs, ESSA 10.5 CPDs, 
Physical Activity Australia 3 PDPs, REPS NZ 6.25 CPDs.


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To complete the practical aspect of these workshops, you will also need a pilates ball and resistance band which can be purchased through our website - click here to view our products page.


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