Follow Up Telehealth Physiotherapy

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Follow Up Telehealth Physiotherapy Session 


1/2  hour online telehealth physiotherapy session with our Senior Physiotherapist Merrin Martin. This half hour session will be used to assess current injuries and review current rehabilitation plans that Merrin has previously assessed. 



Merrin will be able to use her 25 years of clinical experience to assess, diagnose, prescribe stretches and rehab programs, and make any necessary referrals, via video conference. 



Full instructions and assistance will be provided to access the telehealth appointment and the exercise program app (PhysiApp). 


Follow up telehealth appointments and online messaging will be available to ensure you have full support during your rehabilitation program.



What you will need:

* a laptop, tablet or phone with internet access

* access to a space where you can move freely and perform basic range-of-movement exercises

* comfortable clothing that you are able to move freely in

* a login to the free Zoom vidoe conferencing service. You will be sent a link with your appointment instructions, or you can sign up now at . 


Note: The current situation with rebates for Telehealth appointments from Medicare, DVA, CTP, and private health cover is complicated and different for each fund and person. If you are wanting to claim a rebate we highly recommend either speaking to your Doctor to get the appropriate paperwork and approval, or contacting your health fund to confirm their position on paying benefits before your Telehealth appointment. 


If you have any questions please contact us on (02) 9451 9014 or at